Parliament of Drama Queens

After running a campaign in which he attacked his predecessor for using “the politics of fear,” Chairman 0 now pushes his Trillion Dollar spending bill with apocalyptic language:

“A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe … “

Get over yourself, girlfriend.  We’re gonna have a ‘catastrophe’ unless we spend $840 Billion dollars we don’t have on dog parks, frisbee golf, electric dog carts, boondoggle carbon capture projects, and a whole bunch of other crap we can’t afford and don’t need? Really?  Even the CBO says if we do nothing, the crisis is over by the end of the year.

But to a diva like Chairman 0, it has to be about him. Nothing can be fixed unless he does something. It is only government that can break the vicious cycle.” L’Etat,  c’est moi!

The baby boomers — the most over-indulged, self-centered, catered-to, spoiled generation of pukes in all of human history — are in charge of the government. Their sense of entitlement is boundless, and their capacity for tantrum throwing — hewn during the protests of the 1960s — is matchless.

This is not about hope and change, this is not about economic recovery. This is about a bunch of narcissists and smug elitists. For example, here we have Jean Francois Kerry lecturing: “You stupid peasants don’t know how to spend your money, so your trusted betters in the government will spend it for you.”

So, the cries for porkulus grow ever more shrill, because screaming and demanding more is all the baby boomer liberals have ever learned to do.  And when the real bill comes due, they expect to be in their graves.

Getting Bloating for the Sake of Imaginary Entertainment

Getting Bloating for the Sake of Fighting Imaginary Wars


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