Misinformation About the Culture War

There is a movement afoot to purge the Republican Party of what Kathleen Parker famously called the “oogedy boogedy” people; i.e. people who still quaintly believe  in God and believe that government should have a moral component. They like to claim that moral values … in particular, Christian moral values…  have no place in public policy.

Here’s the problem. The left aggressively and unapologetically uses government to promote its social values … abortion on demand, multiculturalism, acceptance of alternative lifestyles.  If the left weren’t using government to promote social values, there would be no need for a social conservative movement to fight it politically. Much of what is called the ‘Culture War’ is a defensive reaction by people who feel, rightfully so, that their values are under assault.

It’s scary that rugged individualism, self-sufficiency, independence, faith in God  — the values that made America a great nation … are now considered extremist views.

This admittedly has nothing to do with the post

This admittedly has nothing to do with the post


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