Harry Greed: Ein Senate! Ein Reich!

Bill Wilson writing in the Las vegas Journal-Review: Harry Reid’s dictatorship of bad ideas

Last September, Louisiana’s David Vitter strode to the podium of the U.S. Senate to offer an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2009.

What’s so significant about that?

Amazingly, it marks the last time that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid permitted a Republican amendment to be voted on — a period of 125 days that can only be described as a diabolical, dictatorial suppression of democracy in what we still like to pretend is the world’s greatest deliberative body.

I have little to add that isn’t in the article, except that Nancy Pelosi is doing the same thing in the House. The Democrats are ruling the Congress like a one-party, Hugo Chavez, banana republic. It was good that the Republicans unanimously opposed the massive Trillion Dollar, $400K-per-job, spending bill. But, unfortunately, the totalitarian Democrats are ruling with unchecked power.

Harry Reid prepares for another day in the senate

Harry Reid prepares for another day in the senate


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