Could Teh Stimulus Be HillaryCare 2?

HillaryCare was Hillary Clinton’s push to Nationalize health care. It was thought, to be a done deal in Clinton’s first term, with defeated and demoralized Republicans cowed into providing, at best token resistance. But then, something amazing happened, support for the bill collapsed when people saw what was really in it, including:

  • Prison time for doctors who treated patients outside the government system.
  • The elimination of patient choice, the government would assign doctors to patients.
  • The government would dictate who would be allowed to become a medical specialist, and limit access to medical specialties
  • A cost that would require a tax increase in the 20 to 50% range, probably toward the high end.

When people saw what was really in it, support collapsed, and it took the Democrat majority with it.

Could something similar be happening with the “Stimulus” Bill the Pelosicrats are trying to ram through Congress? Probably not, the Republicans are in a much weaker position this time around. But as the debate drags on, and more and more people parse the actual bill, more and more ugliness is being revealed.

The Democrats are handing the GOP an excellent opportunity to thread the needle here. The Republicans can support the idea of economic stimulus, which voters like, (eyeroll), while attacking this stimulus bill as wasteful, corrupt, and light on economic benefit.

Whether they will muster the wits and courage to do so is another question.

Respect mah authoritah! Fight the pork!

Respect mah authoritah! Fight the pork!


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