Nancy Pelosi: Idiot Alien Baby Killer

marcsinger2 Guest Post By
Resistance Operative Mike Donovan

I called my Congressman on Monday and asked him how in the world can it be that this complete moron is Speaker of the House? Well my Congressman is the son of the previous office holder in my District (I live in Chicago,, so I have to live under these nepotism regimes) and this is his 2nd Term, so all the guy on the phone did was stutter and eventually after I berated Pelosi enough I got him to laugh. So much for calling my reps.

What the hell is wrong with this country.

Why is this woman in control of the House? It’s obscene.. she is obscene. I want to know who she is truly working for.. because it isn’t anyone in this country. Is she so stupid that doesn’t know that reducing the birth rate is a killer for the economy? She has to know this.. there is no way she doesn’t.

So she just wants the death.. she want the abortion for its own sake.. and worst of all she wants to stain this country by having us all pay for it.

I don’t want any part of it. I am so fed up with these people ..these vain pompous idiots in Washington DC.

I’ve had enough.


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