San Francisco Values Come to Fort Lauderdale

Chickenhawk Mayor Sam Adams of Portland, OR has inspired an imitator. This one doesn’t apparently share the same affinity for young tail, but he has a few other sleaze issues.

Democrat Earl Rynerson is running for Mayor of Fort Lauderdale, FL. He is trying to woo conservative voters on a platform of fiscal responsibility and the usual empty promise to “clean up government.” His history is rather colorful.

Rynerson has been sued numerous times since he moved to Fort Lauderdale 10 years ago, refusing to pay local businesses and credit card companies for services rendered — and running up thousands of dollars in unpaid bills.

So, he doesn’t think he should pay his home remodeling. Didn’t Ted Stevens get convicted for something like this.
But wait, there’s more

The native Kentuckian distributed signs and literature trumpeting “Lt. Col. Earl Rynerson for mayor,” but he hasn’t been active duty for more than a decade — and the signs put him in direct violation of military code.

Oops! But, hey, it’s not like he dodged his taxes and then used the Steve Martin excuse, “I forget.”

Drawing more eyes is his apparent predilection for porn and his membership in an anonymous sex site. … Rynerson’s credit card bill included at least 3 monthly payments to “Access 4M4M site,” the billing name of a “men for men” sex site based in New York.

“The m4m4sex website is for men looking to meet other men for sex,” the Web site declares in plain English.

Another charge on his card provides a phone number for the International Masters Association, which “unites the Leather community online and [brings] Masters and slaves together,” providing services for people “interested in Leather, Gear, Bondage, Rubber, Watersports and other fetishes.”

As George Takei would say, “Oh, my-y-y-y-y-y.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, your next mayor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your next mayor.


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