It’s a Trap!

ackbarGuest Column by Resistance Member
Admiral Akbar

Throughout the campaign, those of us who maintained that Senator Palpatine, I mean Senator Obama,  was a hardcore socialist were mocked and ridiculed. We were assured he was actually quite centrist, economically. After all, he promised “tax cuts” to 95 percent of the people, even those who didn’t pay taxes. We were told that it was as outrageous to compare Obama to a socialist as it was to compare Bush to a Nazi (by the same people who were comparing Bush to a Nazi.)

However, we now see that a Hugo Chavez-style nationalization of the banking industry is in the works. Additionally, the Emperor is also prepared to unleash crushing environmental regulations on the auto industry.

Recall that one of the conditions of the bailout was that auto-makers can no longer sue in Federal Court to prevent the enactment of crushing environmental regulations. Recall that the bank bailout gave the Federal government massive new control over the banking industry.

The automakers and the bankers fell into the trap, and now it is opening wider.  The Emperor and his EPA, led by hardcore socialist Carol Browner, are seeking to drive consumer costs up by forcing automakers to produce cars with lower CO2 emissions. Such cars are available today, but they’re not being purchased in numbers sufficient to satisfy the green Stormtroopers. Emperor Barack is too cowardly to propose a straight-up gas tax increase. That’s not the Chicago way. Instead, they will do it with regulation and red tape and dress it up green propaganda, faithfully recited by their mindless sycophants in the MSM.


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