Why We Fight II: What We’re Up Against

Mean Old Meany presents a list of demands thought up by the Obamamoonies at Change-dot-org. Most of it is socialist boilerplate: DMV-style health care, Free college educations for everybody including illegal immigrants, unlimited baby killing, and, of course, prosecute Bush, Cheney, and anyone else who defended the USA from Islamo-Fascist terror.

From there, it just gets insanier:

  • Legalize Milk (WTF?)
  • Esperanto to be taught in all grade schools “to Help American Students Succeed?” (Succeed at what? Becoming total losers with no social skills who live in their parent’s basements and type into left-wing blogs? Ah, now I see…)
  • Repeal the Patriot Act: In other words, go back to the system of not spying on terrorists, and not sharing terror information that allowed 9-11-2001 to happen.
  • Subsidize “Social Lending.” i.e. instead one of your deadbeat friends wanting to bum ten bucks off you, he bums off the taxpayer instead.
  • End fossil fuel and nuclear-based energy. Replace with fairy farts and the power of love. (At least four separate “Green Energy” demands.)
  • Establish a Department of Peace.

This is what you get when people completely disconnected from reality put together a political agenda.

Full Federal Funding for Hippie Driller Development

My Personal Number 1 Agenda Item: Full Federal Funding for Hippie Driller Development


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