Two More Democrat Perverts the Media Won’t Talk About

Congressman Mark Foley was hounded from office (Rightfully so) when it was revealed he sent creepy and inappropriate text messages to male House pages. In contrast, Democrat House Member Gary Studds was re-elected nine-times after he hooked up with an underage male page.

The “it’s all right when a Democrat does it” double standard persists today.

From Gateway Pundit:

More than a year after denying it, the newly elected (Democrat) mayor of Portland has admitted having a sexual relationship with a male teenager in 2005.

I really don’t care if the kid was “technically” legal when the mayor consummated the affair, a 45 year old chasing after 17 or 18 year old tail is still creepy.

The Democrat Mayor of Racine Wisconsin is also a predator:

The state Department of Justice says Mayor Gary Becker was arrested Tuesday night at a Brookfield mall on tentative charges of attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child, child enticement and possession of child pornography. Other allegations include exposing a child to harmful materials, using of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime and misconduct in public office.

But just as the tax evasions of Charlie Rangel and Tim Geithner don’t merit a “culture of corruption” charge, it’s doubtful the misdeeds of these two sleazebags will cause more than a blip outside their unfortunate hometowns.

"It's okay, kid. I'm a Democrat."

"It's okay, kid. I'm a Democrat."

Update: DANEgerous suggests  Sam Adams may have bought off a reporter’s silence about the molestation.

In 2007, Ruiz was one of two Mercury reporters who covered the Breedlove story.

Adams hired Portland Mercury City Hall reporter Amy Ruiz to be his adviser on sustainability and strategic planning.
Ruiz, 28, acknowledged in a Jan. 15 interview that she has no experience in sustainability, planning or government.
“This town has a million and a half urban planners, and I’m not one of them,” she says.
Ruiz’s new salary—$55,000—is substantially more than she made at The Mercury.

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