State of Mary-Land Declares Obama Inauguration a Disaster

The Dear One’s Inaugural is expected to cost north of $150,000,000. That’s enough money to buy out 500 subprime mortages, or keep Lindsey Lohan in rehab for 416 years.

Either of which would be better use of the money than coronating the new god-king.

Getting ahead of the curve, the state of Maryland is moving to declare the inauguration a disaster, although not for the reasons one would expect.

Maryland officials estimate preparation costs, including security personnel, will be about $12.6 million. Congressman Steny Hoyer says Maryland is excited to be so close to the festivities, but he says the state needs federal help to make up for costs associated with law enforcement, infrastructure and transportation.

The delegation is urging the Federal Emergency Management Agency to make the money available through an expedited federal disaster declaration.

If they think the inauguration’s a disaster, just wait until the presidency.

Damage from Hurricane Barack is estimated at $2 Trillion and rising

Damage from Hurricane Obama is estimated at $2 Trillion and rising

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