Serial Killers and Politicians

Chairman Zero is a product of the American Bar, having been both educated as an attorney, and having taught law. (Although there is some dispute over how much he actually taught.)

The American legal system does not much value the truth. Our legal system is based on making people (jurors, judges, the media) buy into whatever reality a lawyer creates through tactics and rhetoric. And lawyers have to buy into the reality that they create.

I am reminded of the serial killer Randy Kraft, who was caught by the police when he was pulled over with the body of a victim in the car with him, and an envelope in the car contained pictures of all of his other victims, including the ones he had murdered out of state.

Yet, he still went to death row proclaiming his innocence. He had an attorney who proclaimed at the start of his trial “Randy Kraft killed no one.” They concocted outrageous alternative scenarios and conspiracies, hoping a juror or two would buy into them. But 1,000 witnesses and $10 million later, the jury convicted Kraft anyway. But he still wasn’t done gaming the system. While on death row, Kraft sued the author of a book about his crimes for $2 million, claiming the author had “tainted his good name.”

Our political system is dominated by lawyers, which is perhaps why our politicians can’t distinguish reality from rhetoric. As George Constanza taught us, the secret to lying convincingly is “It’s not a lie, if you believe it.” This is how Chairman Zero and Speaker of the House Queen Botoxia of Sodom can claim a $2 Trillion deficit is fiscally responsible, there’s a consensus on global warming, and socialized health care will work without batting an eye.

Kill 20 People or Run for Congress? Decisions! Decisions!

Kill 20 People or Run for Congress? Decisions! Decisions!


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