Why the Left Doesn’t Give a Damn About Future Generations

Commenter Ed Mahmoud abu al-Kahoul makes a point I think well explains why the godless left is so heedless of sanity.

If there is no God, and everything ends when you die, why should you care about anything after you die, especially if you decide having children would be too big a burden on your lifestyle.

That would explain an awful lot about the policies of the godless left, like why they are willing to run up the deficits by kerjillions while choking off entrepreneurship at the roots through ridiculous amounts of legislation. The left doesn’t much care about what happens after they die, they don’t tend to have children, and they certainly don’t expect to stand in judgment for the things they’ve done.

In other words, “Who cares about a national debt, someone else’s children will be stuck with the bill long after I’m gone.”

It would also explain why Europe doesn’t care much about it’s impending Islamization. For the most part, Europe hasn’t bothered to produce a future generation, so they really have not much stake in what conditions the next generation is living under.

Screw You, Future Generations!

Screw Future Generations!



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4 responses to “Why the Left Doesn’t Give a Damn About Future Generations

  1. ILoveCapitalism

    Disagree with your logic there, V.

    By your standards, I probably don’t have a particular attachment to God. Yet I care what happens after I die. I want my values to go on, including both my convictions / principles and my loved ones. If nothing of me (or what I believe in) is going to go on, in any form, then there would be no point in caring about the future, or even living another minute. But of course, I have 11 nieces and nephews and other ways as well to ensure that some part of what I value and believe in will go on.

    Long story short, I have a connection to the future and reasons to care about the future, regardless of whether I am a religious believer. Which, right there, disproves your thesis merely by showing that non-religious people can and do have reasons to care about the future.

    Going farther: if someone’s religion (which might be substantially false) is their chief or only motivation for caring about the future, well, they need to get some better reasons. Mere fear-and/or-hope about what God is going to do to you or think of you in the afterlife, is actually a pretty flimsy reason to care about the future. That person’s connection to the future is calculated or externally driven. A person isn’t going to do well in life, if they can’t come up with connections to the future that are much more present and tangible and internally driven.

  2. ILoveCapitalism

    P.S. A big part of the whole Left environmental / Gaia message is that we need to care about future generations. Of course, those people believe a false religion. Nonetheless, the belief – and the concern about the future – is sincere for a lot of them.

    I think what’s characteristic of the Left is not that they don’t care (or are supposedly incapable of caring) about the future, but simply that they don’t think things through. They rely on emotion rather than reason. Some of them worship emotion and hate reason. Then they arrive at highly emotional, and essentially stupid, positions. Also, some of them emotionally want to control others, or to impose themselves on the whole world. Then they arrive at positions where (1) increased government control is always the answer, and (2) their tribe/party MUST be in full control of the government, at any cost.

  3. ILoveCapitalism

    As for Europe largely not caring about its impending Islamization: I think the explanation there is a huge measure of sheer denial, plus the fact that leftist governments and bureaucracies there have created societies that no dignified human being should want to perpetuate. In other words, they don’t care about the future because they’ve created societies that suck to live in; not that they created societies that suck to live in because they somehow didn’t care about the future.

    In conclusion, I think that emotionalism, desires for validation from and power over others, and essentially a kind of intolerant, narcissistic childishness are all better explanations for Left psychology, morality and politics, or nearer to the root anyway, than your proposed explanation.

  4. Well, ILC, I think you are the thoughtful exception, then. In general, those who believe that “this is it” are more likely to seek self-gratification, consume more, and care less about trans-generational consequences that people who see themselves as part of a continuity, and believe they will be judged.

    What spurred this post was a comment from a lefty commenter at Michelle Malkin in response to concern about Obama’s trillion-dollar deficits for years to come…

    I don’t have any kids, so I say SPEND BABY SPEND! HOOK ME UP!

    While I will charitably assume the commenter was being facetious, I think there is a grain of truth in that. And I think the environmental movement is more about feeling smug in the present moment than it is about caring for future generations.

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