The Soon-to-be Failed Policies of the Democrat Congress

I’ve looked through Harry Reid’s wishlist and have seen that, in addition to mortgaging our future, the Democrats want to implement a lot of programs that have failed wherever they have been tried:

S.1 — American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Hundreds of billions in infrastructure spending like the kind that failed to end the Japanese recession of the 1990’s coupled with hundreds of billions more in welfare and education spending that contributes nothing to the economy.

S.3 — Homeowner Protection and Wall Street Accountability Act of 2009: The Democrats propose to tighten mortgage requirements to the point where a government program will be necessary to qualify people for mortgages.

S.4 — Comprehensive Health Reform Act of 2009. Socialized health care that fails in Britain and Canada and that Wisconsin and California rejected when they saw the bill.

S.5 — Cleaner, Greener, and Smarter Act of 2009: A cap and trade scheme of the kind that results in industries locating to countries without cap and trade schemes and higher energy prices for the rest of us.

S.6. — Restoring America’s Power Act of 2009: i.e. A return to Carter Era foreign policy.

S.7 — Education Opportunity Act of 2009: More subsidies for teachers unions while our public schools continue to fail.

S.9 — Stronger Economy, Stronger Borders Act of 2009: Amnesty III.

S.10 — Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2009: Despite trillions in pork barrel deficit spending, the Democrats pledge fiscal responsibility.

Republicans are in no position to stop any of this. They should raise objections nevertheless and let the Democrats pass them on a party line, and let the Democrats own their failure.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Senate takes up its first bill, which would spend a billion dollars to save 500 salmon and cutoff domestic energy production in Wyoming. Change you can believe in!

Update: Nancy Pelosi says, “Deficit, Schmefecit.



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