Pat Buchanan Is a Jew-Hating Cockholster

The headline makes the point more directly than Aryeh Shebo’s article at Human Events: “Pat Buchanan Is Wrong About Gaza.”

Buchanan questions “the wisdom of so savage a retribution for rockets that killed not one Israeli.”  That, of course, is just wrong.  At least 14 Israelis had been killed by Hamas rockets since 2001, and the Hamas attacks had intensified to more than sixty rockets per day just before Israel counter-attacked by airstrikes.

Buchanan is incorrect in stating that no Israeli has died from the 5,000 bombs of Hamas. But beyond that, he is well aware of the dozens of Israelis who have been permanently blinded and crippled by Hamas rockets and the hundreds of children terrorized and scarred for life after being repeatedly shaken from their sleep beds as they run through the night to bomb-shelters.  Are ruined lives and suffering by a population not reason enough for a country to respond conclusively?

Would Pat Buchanan be as accepting if the target was Arlington, Virginia and the maimed shoppers from Tyson’s Corner?

In denying Israel any sovereign right to self-defense, Pat Buchanan finds himself a strange bedfellow with Andrew Sullivan and Gleen Grenwald and all the other Queers for Palestine as well as 911 Troofer nutjob Robert Falk. A thoroughly repulsive image if ever there was one.

Another question is why to people like Andrew Sullivan and Pat Buchanan, the lives of Palestinians are so much more worthy of news and comment than the far larger numbers of people victims of violence between the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil Tigers?

Michael Medved attributes this disparity of coverage to simple anti-semitism, but my guess would be that when a war fits into someone’s notion of a righteous battle against western values, it is simply more news worthy by the leftist-dominated media outlets of the western world.

Es ist Zeit für Säuberung

Es ist Zeit für Säuberung


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