Caroline Kennedy, Al Franken, Jeb Bush and the Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Jeb Bush announced yesterday he’s not interested in running for the senate in 2010. Who can blame him? The Republicans are going to be in the minority for a long time. Beyond that, he finds private life more satisfying.

Compare and contrast, if you will, to Caroline Kennedy, a woman of no particular accomplishment, but merely a member of the lucky sperm club. While Jeb Bush was governing Florida — a task which he performed with great skill and to the overall satisfaction of his constituents — Caroline Kennedy was “editing” a book of her mother’s poetry and serving part-time on a charity board. But Princess Caroline feels entitled to a Senate Seat because she’s a Kennedy, dammit.

Similarly, human canker sore Al Franken, a singularly vile piece of work, with the help of 42.5% of Minnesota voters is apparently going to be given a seat in the senate with the help of the Democrat Attorney General of Minnesota and the Democrat run state canvassing board, which by strange coincidence decided every single electoral issue in canker sore’s favor. Roland Burris is in a similar way, so hungry for power he accepts the appointment to the senate from the reprehensible crook Milorad Blagojavich.

In sum, that is the difference between the right and the left. We on the right are content to run our own lives, and would prefer the government stay out of it. The left is driven by the desire to run other people’s lives, will use the force of government to do it, and will do anything to get that power.

"Sometimes lying is okay. Like, when you know what's good for people more than they do."

"Sometimes lying is okay. Like, when you know what's good for people more than they do."


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