A Good Question

A wise intellectual asks

<blockquote>Why do you think Israel would attack Gaza? Is it for their national treasure?  Is it because Israel wants all of the scientific discoveries that are being made by Hamas intellectuals?  Is it because Israel wants that sand pit of territory?  Israel was more than happy to give it away, so why the hell attack?  What’s there that you want?  You want the oil deposits?  There aren’t any.  Do you want the golf courses?  There aren’t any.  Do you want the major economic infrastructure?  There isn’t any.  Do you want the sanitation plants?  There isn’t any.  Why attack?</blockquote>

Why indeed? Could it perhaps be something the Palestinians did?

A flaming and open anti-semite posits the whine that 150 Palestinians have died for every Israeli killed so far.

I must ask how many Palestinians would have been killed if the Palestinians had simply… you know… stopped firing missiles into Israel?

And may I add that the Palestinian people are idiots. You don’t have fighter jets, or helicopters, or well-trained soldiers. Why do you want to go picking a fight with a country that has all those things in abundance? Because you’re stupid, that’s why. If I went into a biker bar and told the meanest biker in the bar he reminded of Richard Simmons and spent the night flicking beer bottle caps at him, he would put my teeth down my throat… and I would have it coming to me. Because I would have been that stupid.

If  Hamas left the Israelis alone, the Israelis would leave them alone.  But Hamas are retards. They let Iran and the International media egg them into this conflict so Iran has a handy distraction from their collapsing economy, and the world media gets video from a war zone, which is always exciting and good for ratings.

Hamas - A Flawless Impersonation

Hamas - A Flawless Impersonation


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