The High Road… A Guaranteed Loser for the GOP

The MSM media, always with the best interests of the two party system at heart, endlessly implores the GOP to “take the high road,” i.e. never attack Democrats, never blame Democrat policies when they fail, and never ever discuss Democrat scandals.

Democrats, on the other hand, are urged by the same media to “fight back” against any Republican criticism of their policies, against any mention of their scandals, and especially against anyone who ideologically threatens the liberal left.  Of course, the MSM are also more than willing to do the Democrats dirty work for them by relentless attacks against conservative figures.

And some Republicans are stupid enough to take the media’s advice. Norm Coleman refused to air attack ads against Stewart Smalley in Minnesota. John McCain refused to attack Barack Obama’s dubious associations, or much else about Chairman Zero.

It’s interesting what happens when Republicans like Norm Coleman and John McCain “take the high road” and refuse to attack their opponents.

They lose.

The MSM Can Always Be Counted on to Help the Giant Douche.

The MSM Can Always Be Counted on to Help the Giant Douche.


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