Why We Fight

An internet acquaintance emails this:

I read this posting on NewsBusters and thought it was so provocative, I had to share it with you all.  This was in response to a story regarding how NBC was so “in-the-tank” for all libtards ranging from B. Hussein Obama to the Beijing Olympics:

“This is one of the many quandaries Libs find themselves in.  They adore Castro but have to contend with the fact that a previous God, JFK, allowed the Bay of Pigs Invasion to go through.  They ignore the dozens that Che personally executed.

“They adore Mao and all the ‘great things’ the Party has done for the People’s Republic of China, but have to contend with the reality of Tiananmen Square.

“They hate Hitler but ignore the millions of Russian dead at the hands of Stalin.  They don’t even talk about how many Greeks were killed by the Communists there after WW II, nor Katyn, nor Budapest, nor Prague, nor how the Red Army stayed out of the Polish Warsaw Uprising.

“They hate the Nazis and cry puddles over the Holocaust, but viciously assault Israel every time that country does what it has to in order to defend itself.

“They were elated that the U.S. finally left the otherwise peaceful peoples of Southeast Asia to their own devices, but could not bring themselves to condemn Communism even with the mass murders under Pol Pot, the ethnic cleansing of the Vietnamese Montagnards, etc.

“Oh, the many trials and tribulations of Leftist hypocrisy!”

I think this cuts to the heart of the differences between right and left. As pragmatic right-wingers, we want to preserve and repeat what has worked in the past, and avoid what has failed in the past. If someone proposes something new, we want a reasonable explanation of why it will work better.

The left doesn’t work that way. The left is emotional. The left wants its feelers validated. The left can be persuaded by images and symbols, but most of all, by pats on the backs from fellow leftists. Those hammers and sickles, that rhetoric about workers and sharing the wealth resonates with them. Furthermore, a lot of them nurse resentments going back to high school against the cool and popular kids, and becoming a subversive leftist gives them a certain revenge thrill. Being able to win group acceptance simply by repeating the platitudes of the left makes them feel like they belong to something.

The deaths of millions do not register with them. It’s too much of a buzzkill.

A Leftist Enjoying the Smell of Hypocrisy - South Park Studios

A Leftist Enjoying the Smell of Hypocrisy - South Park Studios


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