Time Magazine Gushes Like a Schoolgirl Over Their ‘Person of the Year’

Normal America to Time magazine: Get a room

“By now we are all accustomed to that Obi-Wan Kenobi calm, though we may never entirely understand it. ”

“He possesses a rare ability to read the imperatives and possibilities of each new moment and organize himself and others to anticipate change and translate it into opportunity. (See pictures of Obama’s nation of hope.)”

“His arrival on the scene feels like a step into the next century — his genome is global, his mind is innovative, his world is networked, and his spirit is democratic.”

And then, there’s this:

Reporter John McCormick asks Chairman 0 about Ramh Emmanuel’s contacts with Rod Blagojavich. Chairman 0 cuts him off: “Let me just cut you off, Because I don’t want you to waste your question. It would be inappropriate for me to comment…and I don’t want to get into the details at this point.”

Duly chastened, McCormick came up with a more acceptable question: “Do you or [Secretary of Education-designate Arne Duncan] have a better jump shot?”

Does Obama still take showers, or does the press corps just lick him clean every night?

With a media like this, who needs Ipecac?

With a media like this, who needs Ipecac?


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