Public Schools Run By His Education Secretary Weren’t Good Enough For the Children of Chairman 0 and Lady M.

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Obama has picked Arne Duncan of Chicago as Secretary of Education.  Unwilling to send his own kids to schools run by Mr. Duncan, he is never-the-less putting Duncan in charge of the rest of our schools.

But the Dear Leader’s children did not attend any of Chicago’s Public Schools.

“My kids have gone to the University of Chicago Lab School. It was the best option for our kids.” – Chairman o, quoted in the Chicago Tribune

The University of Chicago Lab School looks like a pretty nice place. At $20,000 a year for tuition, it ought to be.

No proles allowed.

No proles allowed.

One can’t blame the Obama’s for not wanting to put their schools into a system that boasted 8 of the 10 worst schools in the state. And look at this incredible standard of achievement:

In 2007, only 17 percent of eighth graders tested at or above grade level in reading in Chicago Public Schools – the school system administered by Arne Duncan since 2001.

It all makes so much sense, now.

Chicago Public School Gradjuates Celebraet MKL.

So, why pick this amazing success story for Secretary of Education? According to American Princess,  they have some close mutual friends.

Arne Duncan is Bestest Buddies with the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. In fact, he worked with the Annenberg Challenge to program curriculum in Chicago Public Schools.

The Annenberg Challenge, the group that was run by Bill “Che” Ayers, and wanted schools to ditch the patriarchal oppression of math, reading, and science, in favor of more “progressive” values:

I have an Annenberg Challenge school, which I think is known in the community as the “Peace School,” and is very interactive with residents of my little neighborhood. They hold peace studies rallies, drum circles, indoctrinate children in what appear to be Marxist values and hold the weekly farmers market

Lovely. Also, Duncan supported creating a segregated high school where gay teenagers could ghettoize themselves apart from mainstream society.

America, meet your new Education Secretary and his friend

Jethuth Chritht indeed. - South Park Studios

BTW, the teacher’s unions are orgasming over the choice of Duncan. This is like tobacco companies applauding Obama’s choice for surgeon general.


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  1. actually public schools can also give great education to your kids, it is also as good as most private schools *

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