A Communist Christmas Carol from Rathergood

As we collectivize our economy, bailout the thugs at the UAW, and prepare to swear in Bill Ayers and Saul Alinsky’s Prize Pupil as president, let’s enjoy a seasonal bit of cheer.


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6 responses to “A Communist Christmas Carol from Rathergood

  1. di butler

    A little scary, but very cute. I hope we are not going to be living under this one day.

  2. cacoop

    Kitties soo cute… must do as they say… must purge all who resist.

  3. ILoveCapitalism

    I love the Gulag Arpeggio.

  4. ILoveCapitalism

    Oh, and the visuals… the book “Marxist Theory: Extra Dull Version”. LOL

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  6. Communism (90 million dead last century) is a merry and jolly idea.

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