Caroline Kennedy — A Perfect Addition to the Senate’s Dingbat Caucus

The frontrunner to replace Senator Hillary Clinton in the senate is rumored to be Caroline Kennedy. Ironically, the same people who spat battery acid at Sarah Palin because of her “inexperience,” are swooning at the thought of putting another trust-fund kid from the family of sewer trout that is the Kennedies into what will probably be a life-long sinecure.

In this case, though, Caroline Kennedy is eminently qualified for the position. Democrat women in the U.S. senate are expected to do one thing and one thing only; vote in lockstep with the Democrat Leadership (in the person of the cadaverous Harry Reid).

Barbara Boxer — (D {as in Dingbat} – California) Babs Boxer is an unreconstructed Marxist, whose biggest legislative effort was to impose Draconian carbon limits on U.S. industry during a time of severe recession.¬† She also wrote an extremely crappy novel. Also, one of her aides was apparently downloading kiddie porn on the taxpayer’s dime.

Debbie Stabenow — (D – Michigan): The people of Michigan proved themselves once again to have America’s Stupidest voters by not only returning this rotund idiot to the senate, but also returning Jenni Granholm to the governor’s office despite her monumentally incompetent management of the state’s economy. Now, Dingbat Jennie is advising Barack Obama on economic policy, Debbie is stuffing her fat face with Pringles and Ho-Ho’s. Thanks Michigan, this is why you don’t deserve a bailout.

Claire McCaskill — (D – Missouri) Not only a dingbat, but dingbat uniqurely devoid of class and decency, even by the standards of the U.S. Senate, as evidenced by an episode where she spit on an earpiece before handing it to Mitt Romney.

Barbars “the Hutt” Mikulski – (D-Maryland), has occupied a steel-reinforced seat in the senate for over twenty years and accomplished … nothing.

Mary Landrieu – (D-Louisiana), a puppet for the the Landrieu political dynasty and the gambling lobby. Nothing more.

Patty Murray — (D – Washington) The Dingbat who thought Osama bin Laden was popular because he went around the Middle East building daycare centers. Also, the woman so in love with pork that she threatened any senator who dared stand against them.

Kay Bailey Hutchison — A Republican sometimes. A dingbat, always.

Considering the U.S. Senate has become nothing but a social club for elite plutocrats, one more will not make a difference.

Dingbats Wanted - South Park Studios

Dingbats Wanted - South Park Studios


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