Struggling For Metaphors

I heard some guy on the radio say that he felt like he was living in a Hitchcock movie. Like he woke up one day to find himself in an insane situation, where he didn’t know what was going on, didn’t know whom he could trust, even though his life depended on it.

That’s a fair metaphor for the political and social climate we find ourselves in. The government is spending trillions of dollars because they say they need to save the economy, but is it really to save to economy, or just to bail out their connected friends? We can’t trust the politicians, and yet we seem to have no choice.

ILC, in an earlier comment, said he felt like he was living out the really bad parts of Atlas Shrugged. He is not alone.

Like many business owners, we are no longer willing to take all of the financial and legal risks and put up with all of the aggravation of owning and running a business. Not with the prospects of even higher taxes, more regulation, more litigation and more emboldened bureaucrats on the horizon.  Like others we know, we are getting out while the getting is, well, tolerable. Many who aren’t getting out are scaling back.

Maybe with a touch of Franz Kafka thrown in for good measure.

We learned just this week that getting out of business is harder than we thought.  Take Republic Windows & Doors of Chicago,  where being out of money and out of paying customers apparently does not give a business the right to shut down. Nor does it give that business’ bank the right to withhold credit. According to the unions, Jesse Jackson and the Governor of Illinois (yes, THAT governor), this company must continue to pay its employees salaries and benefits.
These metaphors — Hitchcock, Rand, Kafka — grow from our desire to cope with a sense of looming catastrophe, and the complete inability of our ruling class to face up to it, much less do anything about it.
My metaphor — when I look at how Democrats support a wife-beating, child abusing, bad cop in Alaska; but then attack an honest plumber who’s just trying to earn a living; when I look at how at how a political party wins elections with massive voter fraud and nobody cares; when I look at how people with dysfunctional, self-destructive behavior are praised as heroes, while hard-working normal people are maligned in the media culture — I wonder on what exact day I woke up in the evil Spock-has-a-goatee universe.
The world has gotten more evil as goatees have gotten more popular. Coincidence? I think not.

The world has gotten more evil as goatees have gotten more popular. Coincidence? I think not.


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