The Price of Victory

Obama outspent McCain by a quarter billion dollars.

Mr. Obama, the DNC and two other Obama fund-raising vehicles raised an additional $120 million to $140 million in October and November, giving them a total of between $827 million and $847 million in funds for the general election.

Mr. McCain and the RNC spent $550 million in the general election, including the $84 million in public financing Mr. McCain accepted in exchange for his campaign not raising money after the GOP convention.

How did Mr. Obama use his massive spending advantage?

Mr. Obama outspent Mr. McCain in Indiana nearly 7 to 1, in Virginia by more than 4 to 1, in Ohio by almost 2 to 1 and in North Carolina by nearly 3 to 2. Mr. Obama carried all four states.

And this doesn’t even count the months of campaign support by the in-the-tank Obamamedia. What would it cost to buy thirty minutes of advertising on all nightly newscasts for six months, plus full page ads in all major newspapers everyday for six months, plus round-the-clock infomercials on CNN and MSNBC

And Still, with all that advantage, and with the worst possible Republican candidate except for Larry Craig, Chairman Zero still only one a bare popular vote majority.

Something to think about the next time an Obama Cultie boasts about his Dear Leader blowing away Republicans.


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