The Economics of Chairman Zero

The Pelosi-Reid-Chairman Zero Triad is preparing a half-trillion dollar “stimulus” package of Alternative Energy Research, Bridge and Highway Construction, Graft, Lard, Bacon, Grease, and Kickbacks

Didn’t Japan try to revive its economy for ten years with massive infrastructure projects? And what did they get for it? an airport that’s sinking into the ocean, toll bridges that cost you $30 each way, and a tunnel that lets you get from Tokyo to Sapporo in 10.5 hours by train when you can make the same trip in 3 hours by air. Oh, yeah, and also ten years of deep recession and stagnation.

Why is Chairman Zero eager to replicate this model? Because Chairman Zero is surrounded by “economic advisers” who look at FDR’s programs that were both unconstitutional and lengthened the Depression by seven years and think, “What a great success.”

Why else would Chairman Zero keep the governor of the state with the nation’s worst economy — Michigan’s Jenny Granholm — as a key economic adviser? It certainly isn’t to learn what works in fixing an economy, but she does know how to get re-elected despite raising taxes in a recession and making a sick economy terminal.

Also, Ford is asking for a $9 Billion credit line, and the Democrats who used to rail against corporate welfare are now preparing to hand out Food Stamps and Medicaid cards in Executive Suites throughout the Third World City of Detroit. With all this money they’re printing for bailouts, couldn’t they have just, you know, cut everybody’s taxes instead? You’d probably have a smaller deficit, and put money back into the hands of consumers; instead of bailing out Wall Street or spending it all on Big Digs and Capitol Visitor Center type Boondoggles like the Pelosi-Reid-Chairman Zero triad wants to do.

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