Spoiled Children in Need of Severe Abuse

A group of idiotarians under the banner of “Iraq Veterinarians Against the War” or Virgos against the War or some such nonsense decided to engage in the left’s highest form of intellectual engagement: Juvenile Street Theater… complete with the requisite histrionics, posing, and cheap tacky props. In this case, the venue for their acting out against the lack of parenting received in their interminable childhood was a shopping mall in San Francisco.

The irreplaceable Zombie has photographs.


While actual soldiers spend the Christmas season defending liberty, or perhaps gathering Toys for Disadvantaged children, the narcissistic, sissified bandicoots of the left play high school drama club.

For perhaps the only time in my life, I wish I could have been in San Francisco just so I could have heckled these pathetic, self-absorbed wastes of flesh.

  • “Does acting out this childish charade make you feel morally superior to real soldiers?”
  • “What did your parents do to you?”
  • “Are you jealous that the prisoners at Abu Ghraib looked more fabulous in womens panties than you do?”
  • “Dude, it must really suck to have so many unresolved emotional issues.”
  • “Forget waterboarding, Re-enact a tea-bagging!”

And so forth…


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  1. Hee! You made me spit on my keyboard.

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