The Puffy, Cramped, and Bloated Face of the Enemy

You know why the right loves Sarah Palin? Because we’d rather be fishing or hunting moose with a real woman than stuck in a room with shrill left-wing harpies like these.

And the most compelling brainstorm of this group of Estrogen-enhanced super-geniuses: The Obama Coloring Book. But of course, a coloring book is the perfect vehicle for engaging the intellect of the typical Chairman Zero Cultist.  Break out the Burnt Sienna Crayolas. And there’s no need to stay inside the lines, which are merely instruments of oppressive patriarchal fascism anyway.

And what’s with the chick with the goatee? What’s *her* issue? What do you mean, ‘Dude, that’s a dude?'” Are sure? Are you HIV positive?

Why not just get these people addicted to crack? They would be much happier. Each could be the leader of her own army of imaginary voices.

By the way, did you notice every person at this meeting is a white yuppie?


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