Chairman O to Designate a Commissar of Climate Change

McMeador reports:

There is supposedly talk in the Obama transition team of creating an Energy Security Council, which would be responsible for overseeing the administration’s policies on energy and climate change. The person that would be in charge of that council is currently being referred to as a “climate czar” and Al Gore is being mentioned as a possibility for that position.

Perhaps, it could be called the Department for Dismantling Civilization instead. Chairman O believes Americans should not drive the vehicles we choose, should not maintain comfortable levels of temperature in our homes, and should not live as well as Mandarins like himself, Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, and Robert Kennedy.

52% of America voted for this idiocy. They deserve what they get. The rest of us do not.

Update: Gore says “No.” Who could blame him. He’s won an Oscar and a Nobel prize while not having to take responsibility for anything. Why put himself in a position where he would have to put up or shut up?



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3 responses to “Chairman O to Designate a Commissar of Climate Change

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  2. mcmeador

    Update: Gore says “No.”

    Thank goodness…

  3. DJ Douche

    Funny that. He was offered the chance to be the one person with more “power” to fix the climate than pretty much anyone on earth – according to AGW “science” anyway – and turned it down.

    Perhaps, just maybe, AlGore doesn’t really believe in the whole thing quite as much as he lets on . . ?

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