Obama Day Gifts

So, in addition to eating Obama cake, how else does one celebrate Obama Day? Why by spreading the wealth around, of course. Unlike Christmas, where one shares gifts with friends and family, Obama Day will be celebrated by forcing the well off to buy presents for people they don’t know. (Who will then demand more presents every year.)

What does one buy for the moonbat who already has a closet full of Che Guevara shirts, a signed copy of Das Kapital and an official Robert Mugabe coffee mug? Perhaps a selection from the official line of Chairman O Gifts and Accessories.

If you see this ornament on a Christmas tree... run.

If you see this ornament on a Christmas tree... run.

At one time, it was considered a bit creepy the way peasants in socialist dictatorships were compelled to adorn their hovels with pictures of the Dear Leader.

H/T: Nice Deb


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  1. What do you mean cake? For Obama Day??? Surely, we should celebrate with pie! Obama LOVES pie! And waffles! Gotta have waffles… with a side of arugula!

    Ah!!! Obama Day!

    I propose we celebrate it on April 1st in honor of everyone who voted for him! And we can all sit around and listen to our kids sing creepy little anthems to Dear Leader as we open other people’s presents that the government redistributed to us!

    This could really catch on…

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