The Creepy Cult Demands a National Holiday

The Cult of the One is already planning for a national holiday in honor of The One.

I especially like this comment from one of The One’s many genius followers:

This is how you no good repelligans birds think, and this is why this country is in bad shape.You hate the fact that you white folks have a BLACK PRESIDENT.The lord want help any of you white folks until you get the DEVIL OUT OF YOU.This is the way you small animal killing people think.This is just the way you are.This is why we have a BLACK PRESIDENT OBAMA thats a real black man and not an UNCLE TOM OR HOUSE NEGRO like you want.OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA,OBAMA,PRESIDENT OBAMA.You repelligans and so call conservatives better get use to it.NOW,please let me countinue

Another triumph of the public education system.


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