Not the Onion, but an Amazing Simulation

A Book Katy Guest obviously doesnt need

A Book Katy Guest obviously doesn't need

Katy Guest breaks out the knee-pads and begins worshiping her bronze idol.

“He fought the most perfect election campaign in living memory. He gave the world’s most perfect post-election address. He is tall, handsome, the leader of the free world and, days after his perfect victory, the transcript of his presidential election night speech is still making grown men weep. There is no doubting that Barack Obama is the perfect man: perfectly kind, perfectly funny, perfectly in love with his perfect wife and his perfect, charming, beautiful children. Dammit, even his hair is perfect.”

And on … and on… and on it goes.

This isn’t journalism, this is what teenage girls write in their diaries about Zac Efron.

No matter how often the Obamunists try and deny it, there’s is not a political party. It is a cult.


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